District At a Glance

Geographical Area
Total Area 6310 Sq. K.M.
Area under Forestry 1046 Sq.K.M.
Climate & Rainfall
Average Rainfall in Disrict 1062.8 M.M.
Minimum Temperature 9.4. Degree Censius
Maximum Temperature 46 Degree Celsius
Geographical Location
North Altitudes 20.18 to 21.21
East Altitudes 78.33 to 79.15
Total 1300774 Nos.
Male 668385 Nos.
Female 632389 Nos.
Urban 423300 Nos.
Rural 877474 Nos.
Schedule Cast 188830 Nos.
Schedule Tribes 149507 Nos.
Total 1019458
Male 552617
Female 466841 - 72.80%
Administrative Divisions
Revenue Subdivisons Wardha, Arvi, Hinganghat.
Tahasil Offices Wardha, Deoli, Seloo, Arvi, Ashti
Karanja, Hinganghat, Samudrapur.
Municipal Councils Wardha, Deoli, Pulgaon, Sindi (Rly)
Hinganghat, Arvi.
Panchayat Samities Wardha, Deoli, Seloo,Arvi, Ashti, Karanja, Hinganghat, Samudrapur
Gram Panchayats 512 Nos
Villages 1361 Nos.
Police Stations 17 Nos.
Police Out Posts 8 Nos.
Total Cultivable area 4,29,600 Hector.
Net Area Sown 4,20,311 Hector.
Area under Horticulture 16,035.61 Hector area under
Major Crops in District Soyabean, Cotton, Jowar
Wheat,Pulses, Groundnut, Chana etc.
Area Under Irrigation
Area under Irrigation 1,01,512 Hector.
Major Projects 4 Nos.
Medium Projects 8 Nos.
Small Projects 44 Nos.
Major Private Hospitals 2 Nos.
Medical Colleges 2 Nos.
Civil Hospital 1 No.
Rural Hospitals 7 Nos.
Primary Health Centres 27 Nos.
Cottage Hospital 1 No.
Tuberculosis Hospital 1 No.
Ayurvedic Hospitals 11 Nos.
Alopathic Hospitals 21 Nos.
Maternity Homes 8 Nos.
Power Sector
Electrified cities 8 Nos.
Electrified Villages 1276 Nos.
Electrified Pump sets 781 Nos.
Road Development
National Highways 108 Kilometer.
State Highways 602 Kilometer.
District Roads 660 Kilometer.
Villages connected by roads 870 Nos.
Total Railway Track 397 Kilometer.
Animal Husbandry
Total Live Stock 6,80,292 Nos.
Co-operative Sector
Total Co-operative Society 1,543 Nos.
Total Members in Society 40,900 Nos.
Spinning Mills 2 Nos.
Sugar Factories 2 Nos.
Folklores and Folkdances Khanjeri, Bhajan, Dandar,Gondhal, Powada
Freedom Fighters 471 Nos.
University(Hind) 1 No.
Primary School 1694 Nos.
Secondary Schools 159 Nos.
Jr./Sr. Colleges 82 Nos
Adivasi Ashram Schools 13 Nos.
Engineering 1 No.
Medical Colleges 2 Nos.
Pharmacy Colleges 1 No.
Technical/Vocational Education
Technical Schools 1 No.
Industrial Training Inst. 8 Nos.
State Transport Services
S.T. routes 343 Nos.
S.T. Depots 5 Nos.
S.T. Stands 10 Nos.
Travelers Sheds 103 Nos.
S.T. Buses 274 Nos.
Major Historical and Turist Places
Bapu Kuti, Paramdham Ashtram, Vishwa
Shanti Stup, Gitai Mandir etc.